This Thursday I’m in an art show at the new Marlow and Sons gallery called This Must Be the Place. Funny considering my little zine was called “Space is the Place.” So many things happening at so many places. (Sorry inside joke between maybe three people). It’s not really surprising that Marlow and Sons spawned a gallery, since it’s one of those quintessentially Williamsburg establishments that seems to serve as an artistic and community hub for the fancies of South Williamsburg.
They even make signature totes that you can find, oddly enough, plucked from their shelves and then resold for those who want Brooklyn momentos abroad. When I was traveling, I swear to god, there were Diner and Marlow totes for sale at a fancy Melbourne bookstore!
Anyway, back to the task at hand. I’ll be showing seven pieces this Thursday. Three collages and four paintings. Come see!