1. Recently I flew out to LA for my agency’s yearly art show. Last year Space 15 Twenty hosted the Giant Artists show and this year it was at THIS, a gallery I’d heard so much about through their “These Friends" group shows.

    I also designed the silkscreened totebag that they gave away at the event. I”ll be posting photos of that soon. It came out pretty cool!

    For the show I decided to try my hand at gouache, a medium I hadn’t tackled in years. I’m seriously rusty! My work is predominantly hand drawn and digitally colored lately, but I still find it totally satisfying to create work by hand when given the opportunity.

    Recently I’ve been fascinated by the unconventional floral design of Amy Merick and Saipua. I wanted an excuse to incorporate botanical elements akin to a Dutch floral painting from the 1600’s into my portraits and textiles. The resulting images seem a natural progression from the pattern paintings and enamel patchwork “quilts” I created years ago. Looking at the work of Matisse and Hockney inspired me to make my compositions more cohesive and handle the portraits in my most realistic manner.  

    Thanks to Elizabeth Weinberg for coming by my house last minute and shooting my last minute prop styling attempt for my painting reference!

    These photos show my work in progress, a bouquet I quickly assembled for the shoot and the final composition of my friend Doug.

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